The Accord Group Delivers

The Accord Group has established a strong reputation for successful advocacy in Washington, D.C.  Our professionals possess a unique set of skills and abilities, which distinguish us from other government relations firms.

We have 125 years of combined experience on the Washington scene.  We have held leadership positions in government, politics, trade associations, media relations, corporate public affairs and communications, consulting and lobbying.

A successful government affairs program can only generate extraordinary results if its strategic plan is well conceived and then flawlessly executed.  This is where The Accord Group excels.


The Accord Group’s highly experienced and respected professionals consistently put their sharply honed skills to work to deliver real value for their clients.  This experience was developed over years of working on Capitol Hill, in the Administration and in the private sector.

Unlike many other Washington, D.C. government affairs firms, when you retain The Accord Group, you’ll work directly with our principals, not their surrogates.